1. How To Increase Equity Before Selling A Business

    When you’re considering selling a business, it’s important to consider the overall health of your company and determine how your business may look to potential investors before going to market with an M&A advisory. Key acquisition attributes must be considered in order to attract quality buyers willing to pay top dollar. Here are some key factors to consider in order to make your business …Read More

  2. How To Find The Right Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction Advisory

    When you’re looking for the best M&A advice, it’s important to find the right transaction advisory that can lead you through the complex process of business valuation and selling a business. Choosing the wrong business broker could cause you to leave money on the table, never a good idea when you’re looking to get the most out of your company. Here are a few qualifications to look for wh…Read More

  3. Trinity Transaction Advisory Engages New Top 10 Winery for Acquisition in Texas

    Trinity Transaction Advisory, LLC (Trinity), a transaction advisory firm and  leader in privately held merger and acquisitions, is pleased to announce their new engagement to represent a Top 10 Winery in Texas, available now for acquisition. Due to confidentiality, the name and location of this winery is concealed, however, the Trinity team is excited about the engagement which indicates its cont…Read More

  4. Tax Implications from the Sale of Your Company

    Are you thinking of selling your business?  Has your broker discuss with you the potential tax implications associated with the transfer and how you can mitigate them?  If not, perhaps you should talk with our advisers. Selling a business could be both challenging and gut-wrenching at times, however, being prepared can help ease the process.  The following are a few issues to consider when sell…Read More

  5. Preparing to Take Your Business to Market

    At Trinity Transaction Advisory, we often work directly with people who have built their business from the ground up, and help them to transition their company to investors seeking to take their businesses to new heights.  When business owner come to us feeling tentative about the process of selling their company, it is very satisfying for us to close the sale of their business while maximizing o…Read More

  6. What are you looking for in a broker?

    What are you looking for in a broker? Are you contemplating the sale of your company?  What are the key attributes you should look for in your transaction team?  The sale and transfer of a privately held business is complex and can be stressful and emotional as well.  As the business owner, you have poured your life and soul into trying to make your business successful, taking time away from fr…Read More

  7. Letterpress Graphics Incorporated acquisition brokered by Trinity Transaction Advisory, LLC

    Trinity Transaction Advisory, LLC (Trinity), a transaction advisory firm and a leader in privately held merger and acquisitions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of one of its clients' companies, Letterpress Graphics Incorporated (LPG), domiciled in Ft. Worth, Texas, by LPDFW, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company. Letterpress Graphics, Inc., one of the largest graphics finishing companies …Read More

  8. Work with Trinity for a Discrete Business Transaction Experience

    A common concern for business owners looking to sell their company is confidentiality.  Rumors of a pending sale can impact the workplace environment causing business value to fluctuate.  The Trinity team carefully handles each step of the transaction, to prevent the leak of a pending sale.  Your experience with Trinity would be highly professional and discrete. Many owners are often disappoint…Read More