sellers2Most of our clients have never been through the many steps associated with an acquisition. Perhaps they started the company from the ground up, or inherited it, and have no idea what and the M&A process holds. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in some of our initial meetings.

Talking Through The Process: We want to take the time to talk to you and learn about your business. How familiar are you with the process of valuing and selling a business? We’ll discuss every step to ensure that there are no surprises in the process.

Your Expectations and Valuation: We want to know your intentions with the business. If asked, would you be willing to stay on to run the company, or are you retiring with no interest in sticking around? We’ll begin to talk valuation of your business, and if your expectations are reasonable in the current market. What concessions will you be willing to make, and what are you adamant about? It’s important to have these discussions openly and transparently.

Considering the Alternative: When it comes to finding buyers for your business, Trinity Transaction Advisory will bring in all the usual suspects. But we’ll also take a look at offers from more diverse buyers that might be offering you concessions and opportunities that you might not have thought of. All of this is done to give you the most options and to make sure you’re as satisfied as possible with selling a business.

Trinity Transaction Advisory wants to make sure you have the best possible experience in business valuation and selling. Get the process started by contacting us today.

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