1. Eight Exit Planning Steps to Prepare Your Business

    Failing to prepare for an exit is one of the most common mistakes business owners make. Exit planning should begin on day one. Your exit plan will inevitably change over time. So be prepared to revisit it just as frequently as you revisit other business plans. The following steps can help you prepare your business for a successful exit. Many owners fail to develop an exit plan for their small busi…Read More

  2. Tax Implications from the Sale of Your Company

    Are you thinking of selling your business?  Has your broker discussed with you the potential tax implications associated with the transfer and how you can mitigate them?  If not, perhaps you should talk with our advisers. Selling a business could be both challenging and gut-wrenching at times, however, being prepared can help ease the process.  The following are a few issues to consider when se…Read More

  3. What are you looking for in a broker?

    What are you looking for in a broker? Are you contemplating the sale of your company?  What are the key attributes you should look for in your transaction team?  The sale and transfer of a privately held business is complex and can be stressful and emotional as well.  As the business owner, you have poured your life and soul into trying to make your business successful, taking time away from fr…Read More