Here at Trinity Transaction Advisory we’re dedicated to getting you the absolute best price possible when you decide to sell a business. But as we perform your business valuation, it comes down to more than calculating everything from profits to the value of office furniture. We can also provide potential buyers with reasons why your company should be valued so highly. It all starts with you and the way you’re presenting your business.

Present Yourself Well:  As the leader of your company, you and the company are inextricably linked. When you are seen as a leader in the industry, whether it’s local or national, it reflects well on the value of your company. No matter what kind of business you’re in, make sure you’re part of the community. Join business groups, attend conferences, and present yourself not only as a leader of your company but also as a leader of your industry.

Present Your Company Well: When the community thinks of your industry, they should think of your company first. Support the local sports team, sponsor a fun-run, become the next Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, just at a smaller level. This doesn’t just help your numbers this month or this year; it will also make your company that much more attractive to potential buyers.

Improve Your Online Presence: Having the most professional website possible (and utilizing it to your advantage) is one of the most cost-effective value-added options you can invest in. When potential buyers head to your website, the impression they get will color their mental image of your company immediately and stay with them throughout the process. After all, if your website looks bad, they will question your ability to run any aspect of your business properly.

All of these points aren’t just about increasing your sales this month…it’s about making your business as appealing to potential buyers as possible, whether they are a local competitor wanting to buy you out or an international buyer wanting to invest in an American company.

Still, don’t wait until all of these are done before you give Trinity Transaction Advisory a call. We can help you get all of these aspects in order as you’re considering selling a business.

Curious if now is a good time to sell your business?