1. Advantages of Selling With a Mergers and Acquisitions Company

    If you’re a business owner thinking about selling your business, you probably think you have a pretty good handle on your industry and what the best way would be to go about selling. After all, over the years you’ve dealt with large purchases, lawyers, and negotiating. You’re all set to be the one who sells your business, right? People sell their houses “by owner,” why not a business? Yo…Read More

  2. Why It’s Important to Talk to an M&A Firm To Mitigate Tax Problems

    Here at Trinity Transaction Advisory we’re ready to help you through every step of the process of selling a business, and that includes preparing you for potential tax problems and opportunities that might come along. We know that it’s important for you to be as prepared as possible so that there are no surprises when the final papers are in your hands. What do you need to know about taxes wh…Read More

  3. 3 Things That Might Surprise You When You’re Selling a Business

      Buying and selling companies isn’t something that’s an everyday process in for many people. In fact, most people will live their entire lives without having to go through the process of selling a business. So when you need a mergers and acquisitions company, here are three things to be prepared for. How Much More Complex the Process Is: If you started the business decades ago, you might…Read More

  4. The Tough Decisions You Might Have To Make When You’re Looking To Sell A Business

      Deciding to sell your business was probably one of the toughest decisions you’ve ever had to make. You’ve worked hard to grow it into the company that it is today and saying goodbye to it is can be harder than sending a child off to college. But just because you’ve decided to sell your business with the help of a mergers and acquisitions company doesn’t mean that the hard decisions …Read More

  5. When Your Child Isn’t Taking Over The Family Business

      You might be familiar with the Freakonomics books written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Freakonomics also has a very interesting podcast and has an episode where they delve into the numbers regarding scions (descendants of notable families). What are the chances that a scion is a perfect person to take over for a company? As it turns out, the chances aren’t that good, and in …Read More

  6. 3 Initial Steps When You Meet With A Mergers and Acquisitions Agent

    Most of our clients have never been through the many steps associated with an acquisition. Perhaps they started the company from the ground up, or inherited it, and have no idea what and the M&A process holds. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in some of our initial meetings. Talking Through The Process: We want to take the time to talk to you and learn about your business. How famili…Read More