I had all my terms agreed

I am writing today about my experience with Trinity. I must say my previous experience with business brokers were not what I would say positive.

I had heard about this business from my C.P.A., David Lee, who spoke of a group of people that maintained high moral standards. He said they conducted business in an open manner and honest manner. He asked me to consider using them.

I was uneasy but agreed to meet. During the meeting, they were frank about the business environment, but remained positive. They also spoke about their position as an intermediary that sought pre-screened buyers, not only in the local area, but statewide, outside the state and even internationally. They also would do an analysis of the business and factor in the intangibles to come up with a fair market value.

After the meeting, I must say, I felt comfortable. I made a decision to sigh with Trinity. Their fee was fair and the percentage on the commission was even below many of the brokers I had interviewed.

Only 60 days had gone by when they had a strong prospective buyer. In fact, he was from out of state. They arranged for a visit, and we had a non-disclosure signed and the ball was in play.

Shortly afterwards, other potential buyers showed interest. The first party was very serious and I had an offer. After negotiations and having all other logistics handled, I sold my business in about 6 months.

The best part was, I had all my terms agreed to by the buyers, I recieved nearly asking price. The price agreed opon was nearly double of what other brokerage firms told me my business was worth.

Needless to say, I am more than happy now because I am home with my young family and helping to raise them in a way I hope would honor God. Thank you the Trinity Group.

Andy Chan, Advanced Digital Printing, ADP3