1. Better than Broker

    Trinity was different (than the other 2 brokers we used) because every time we needed them, they were there.  Trinity far exceeded our expectations of what we could have achieved on our own or with any other broker.  They were relentless in their pursuit of bringing people to the table and was unbelievable at keeping everything confidential, away from my customers, my employees, and brought us t…Read More

    Larry Mooneyham, MGM Glass Corporation
  2. Getting Deals to the Finish Line

    Before Trinity, there were two other brokers we entertained to try to sell the business, and after meeting the two so-called buyers, we felt like they were a big failure to us. Trinity had their professional team value the business and created a professional brochure for us…like a magazine. Trinity did such an excellent job…they had calls left and right…but only brought us 8 buyers, the one…Read More

    Sunny Chin, Specialized Pharmacy, Inc.
  3. Professional Team Approach

    Trinity was at the forefront of the transaction.  Their team was completely responsive with answers within minutes, rather than hours…tremendous guidance and very very timely answers; the team was great, they were awesome in that regards.  25 years of dealing with business professionals, I’d have to put them in the top 3, if not the top 1.  Trinity did a fantastic job of screening the buyer…Read More

    Sarah Adams, Letterpress Graphics Incorporated
  4. M&A Advisory & Leadership

    Trinity was a great leader through the whole process.  I had a huge comfort level about it, the professionalism they brought to the table.  They had a team of experts that I could talk to directly…it was a whole team effort.  I didn’t have to compromise the value at all.  The most amazing thing to me was how Trinity only brought buyers to the table that had the means to make this happen. …Read More

    Dennis Denson, Print Central, Inc.
  5. Higher Offers

    I must say my previous experience with business brokers were not what I would say positive. Their fee was fair and the percentage on the commission was even below many of the brokers I had interviewed. Only 60 days had gone by when they had a strong prospective buyer.  The best part was…I had all my terms agreed to.  The price agreed upon was nearly double of what other brokerage firms told me…Read More

    Andy Chan, Advanced Digital Printing, ADP3
  6. Invaluable assistance

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your invaluable assistance over the past few months as we acquired our new business. In the initial phases of our search for a business, we stumbled around blindly speaking to various listing brokers who would not listen to us or care enough to try and understand our needs. My initial conversation with Trinity was a refreshing and I knew you were som…Read More

    Steven A. McElroy-President, Bath Infusion, LLC
  7. Sincere appreciation

    We would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere appreciation for a job extremely well done. and to our fullest satisfaction. Your negotiation skills are only superseded by the professional and friendly manner in which accomplished the difficult task to find a suitable purchaser for our company. You have expended every effort to find multiple interested and potential buyers, and p…Read More

    Rosemary Mooneyham, Former Vice President, MGM Glass Corporation
  8. Far better

    "...Trinity was far better than the other 2 brokers I tried to use and got me more money than what the others said I was worth"…Read More

    David Spring, President-The Ad Beat
  9. Highly recommend

    "...I highly recommend Trinity and would use them again..."…Read More

    Dennis Chitty, Shugart's Motor Inc.
  10. I had all my terms agreed

    I am writing today about my experience with Trinity. I must say my previous experience with business brokers were not what I would say positive. I had heard about this business from my C.P.A., David Lee, who spoke of a group of people that maintained high moral standards. He said they conducted business in an open manner and honest manner. He asked me to consider using them. I was uneasy but agree…Read More

    Andy Chan, Advanced Digital Printing, ADP3