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At Trinity,
you are not hiring a Broker,
we surround each transaction with a
Professional Team of Advisors...

"According to a recent poll, 100% of our clients who responded would use Trinity again and would recommend Trinity to others."

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Why Choose Trinity
Transaction Advisory?

fgerfesgweg  Effective 7 Stage Process 
rgqeferrgqefwrg  Higher Sales Offers 
wergwrfqefverfeq  Higher Close Rates 
wrgfwefewrgewfwe  Lower Transaction Costs 
wergerfqegewfgwefver  Professional Team Approach
vwedfwrfqefvewfqdf  Complimentary Feasibility Analysis
wegbetreqfvergwrge  We Mitigate Tax Consequences

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"Their fee was fair and the percentage on the commission was even below many of the other brokers I had interviewed. I must say my previous experiences with business brokers were not what I would say positive. Only 60 days had gone by when they had a strong prospective buyer...I had all my terms agreed to. The best part of this was... The price agreed upon as nearly doubled, that of what other brokerage firms had told me I was worth."

Andy Chan - ADP3

How Our Team Gets
You More For Your Business

● Solid Solutions, Proven Results. - Time Tested and Proven Success

Free Evaluation Report - See if your business is prepared to “Go-to-Market”; a $2500 value…

Close Rate of 80%+ - of clients who retain us…

Higher Offers - we maximize your sales price through proper planning and structuring…

Professional Team Approach - At Trinity, you are not hiring one Broker, we surround your transaction with the top team of transaction advisors… 

See What Our Customers Have Said

  1. Better than Broker

    Trinity was different (than the other 2 brokers we used) because every time we needed them, they were there.  Trinity far exceeded our expectations of what we could have achieved on our own or with any other broker.  They were relentless in their pursuit of bringing people to the table and was unb…Read More

    Larry Mooneyham, MGM Glass Corporation
  2. Getting Deals to the Finish Line

    Before Trinity, there were two other brokers we entertained to try to sell the business, and after meeting the two so-called buyers, we felt like they were a big failure to us. Trinity had their professional team value the business and created a professional brochure for us…like a magazine. Trinit…Read More

    Sunny Chin, Specialized Pharmacy, Inc.
  3. Professional Team Approach

    Trinity was at the forefront of the transaction.  Their team was completely responsive with answers within minutes, rather than hours…tremendous guidance and very very timely answers; the team was great, they were awesome in that regards.  25 years of dealing with business professionals, I’d h…Read More

    Sarah Adams, Letterpress Graphics Incorporated

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What's The Next Step?

Why Choose Trinity
Transaction Advisory?

uiyiukyukyu,  Effective 7 Stage Process 
uku7iuuyyukj  Higher Sales Offers 
uykukkyujyum  Higher Close Rates 
ryujyujiyujytjy  Lower Transaction Costs 
jyujtyhjuyjty  Professional Team Approach
yujtyjytujhtyhn  Complimentary Feasibility Analysis
thjtyhjyujuuyj  We Mitigate Tax Consequences

Trinity Represented These Sellers In Their Transaction


Computer and Electronics -Refurbishing Company Acquired by: Corporate Entity Richardson, Texas